Ways How World’s Best Brands Are Acting Like Humans


Did you ever just sit back and wonder, why gives a brand its popularity? While the success formulas can differ from company to company but that one thing which remains same is the human connection. This is one thing which is also in great demand by the consumers.

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Never before did they demand humanity from the companies irrespective of their motto. There has been a great shift in the market strategies due to this reason as well. What used to be mass marketing before has now turned into one-to-one conversation. Nowadays, we see brands in social platforms behaving just like human beings. This creates a very friendly and welcoming bridge between the consumers and the company. Now, to behave in a certain humane manner a company does need to follow some basic mantras. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Honest Communication Regarding the Services and Products

An honest connection is really a powerful one. For example letting your consumers know when and where your products are made and what do they stand for attracts them effortlessly. Also, it is quite essential to admit it’s flaws and fix them as soon as possible.

An example worth mentioning here is that of Proctor and Gamble on how well they responded to the rumors which spread regarding the safety of their product which is the Pampers Dry Max diapers. The brand did not loose its calm but came up with proper information and statistics showing how their diapers were safe for the babies. This resolved the matter and things were back to normal. Thus, a brand should always be honest and authentic.

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2. Honest Communication About Environmental Impact As Well As Sustainability Measures

It is very important for brands to meet the needs of the consumer. The needs could be as simple as survival or emotional needs. It can also be as complex as needs regarding enlightenment. Before we get into the topic any further, let us go through a few questions

  • Why do people stand in long queues in front of the Apple Stores to buy their favourite Apple products?
  • Why do cars mean Beetle to you?
  • Why are some sports synonymous to Nike shoes?

Why are people so obsessed with Harley and not with any other bike?

The answer to these questions are very simple. An American psychologist named Abraham Maslow came up with a paper in 1943 naming it “A Theory of Human Motivation”. Here, he describes the five human needs i.e., Physiological, Safety, Belongingness, Esteem and finally, Self-Actualization.

One perfect example is Starbucks. People who go to Starbucks, don’t just go there for a good cup of coffee but they also go there as the place makes them feel welcomed. They develop a strong emotional connection with the brand and thus, keeps revisiting again and again.

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3. Maintaining Integrity and Simplicity

We live in a very complex world. Thus, its not wrong to say that the thing we crave for the most is simplicity. We all want to have clear, easy and relevant solution to all our chaotic problems. According to various surveys, Uber, Google, Amazon, Aldi and Apple are the easiest and simplest brands.

When we say easy we do not only mean that they’re easy to use but they’re all about simplicity. Simplicity of design to the simplicity in communication and how easy it makes decisions like purchasing for the user.

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4. Showing Clarity and Being True to Your Belief

Consistency is the key. Being consistent is not related with just providing services. To run a company you need to be consistent with every aspect of the company be it product design, packaging, quality, store experience, salespeople, customer support staff, social media content, marketing materials offline, newsletter or advertising. Only then can you be regarded as a consistent company.

One brand which can proudly call itself consistent is Disney. They’ve theme parks, movies, music, TV shows, merchandise and hospitality. The Disney life which is offered to the consumers is fun, youthful and magical. Each employee is trained to provide the consumers with the Disney experience.

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5. Being More Than Just a Money Making Machine

Human brands are supposed to keep their antenna and radar on and help customers on a personal and emotional level by answering their phone calls and social media queries. This one-to-one interaction helps the company engage with their customers on a more personal level and understand their needs and work on it to provide better results.

The best example in this case is Zappos.com. The company does not judge its employees based on the average of their handle time but on the basis of the personal emotional connection they make with the customers. This concept helped the them grow their business to $1bn in a span of 10 years.

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6. Quick Learners

Human brands do make mistakes but the best way to go about it is by learning from your mistakes, admitting them and correcting them as fast as possible. This makes you protect and validate the connection the customer has with your company.

GAP, a well-known high street retailer changed the logo of its company after 20 years. The new logo wasn’t appreciated by the people and the comments of social media filled with comments which wanted the logo to be changed. The company came back with its previous logo admitting that the change didn’t go about in the right way.

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7. Relevant and Engaging Story

People find it very easy to connect with brands when they come up with little stories and ads. These small efforts make a big difference to the company by attracting their target audience to have a look at their products and services.  Also, this boosts the creativity of the business companies and provides more employment.

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These were some basic points which any company can follow to provide their consumers with human like experience and enhance the growth of their business. Survival of companies have become extremely difficult but serving the customers with what they need can definitely save you in the long run.

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