Life-Work Balance

Work Life Balance

In today’s world most of our time is occupied by work and we are too busy to do anything other than that. We ignore our friends, family and dear ones just for the sake of work and do not give them the time they deserve. We are constantly trying to fit ourselves according to our work and not according to our lives. This makes us wonder: where the balance between work and life has gone? All we are doing is prioritizing work over anything else which is making us lose a huge part of our lives. Well, this is what the new IT corporate lives have turn us into.

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We are draining ourselves through our work. All we come back home is with a body devoid of rest, eyes, which look tired, and a brain with no imagination. We are losing out on the essence of being a human being and are rather becoming robots. You say that we are growing? Well yes, when you calculate our growth in terms of GDP we definitely are growing but you know where are losing at? We are losing in our GNH (Gross National Happiness). Happiness defines our Success and not our Assets. It’s high time we understand the true meaning of success.

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At Nabarunified, we pledge to help our employees have a better life. We understand the fact that ‘work’ is an aspect of our life and not our entire life. Even from the employer’s point of view it is quite suitable cause he achieves better quality work from his employees which leads to the growth of the business. Here are a few important points which we take care of to improve things for our employees betterment and help them balance life and work simultaneously.

  1. The Office Hours

The standard office hours should be changed in India and must be made 8 to 5. This will save us from the scorching heat and will reduce traffic to a great extent. Doing so will help us have a free evening which will give us some time to relax or party.

If a person is made to work overtime, he should be paid an additional premium amount for it. Also, we should question them what exactly made them stay back late and what can be done to rectify it.

This is exactly what we stand for. Our office timings are very convenient for our employees as our main focus is to make work look less pressurizing.

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  1. Work from Home

The concept of work from home should be encouraged to reduce all that unnecessary travel time. Employers should put faith on their employees and allow them to work from home but at the same time the employees shouldn’t disappoint them as well.

Work from home not only deducts all the travel time but cuts down on buildings and infrastructure costs as well. There are a number of jobs, which do not require the regular presence of their employees as well. The admin or HR can send prior information to come to the office if there’s a need to do so.

We as a company encourage our employees to work from home as much as possible so that they can work according to their convenience and produce better results.

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  1. Lesser Meetings

You may find a lot of employees work early in the morning or some late at night. This may want to make you believe that not everyone likes to work in typical office hours. But the truth is they get a bit too busy with other stakeholders and end up doing all the work later. This decreases the productivity of the employees.

Thus, in such cases try to improve your productivity so that you do not have to take work back home. Also, avoid long meetings to increase your work-time. Status meetings should be introduced so that you can have a quick, to-the-point meeting.

At Nabarunified, we do not believe in spending time in unnecessary meetings so that our employees get more productive time to do their work.

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  1. Practice of Proper Project Management

Proper project management makes our life way more easier. We find the resources under-utilized at most occasions. The work is monitored typically by a manager. They are the ones to take actions when the project fails.

Previously, project management was restricted to reporting only but now it has reached new heights. It now includes estimation, planning, control, execution and so on. Thus, a proper project management team can do wonders and help the employees get rid of all the extra work.

Thus, our company makes sure we have a plan ready and each of them is doing the duty assigned to prevent work load in the last moment.

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  1. Encouraging Entrepreneurship

The Indian IT sector provides around a minimum number of 3 million direct employment. If these 3 million people donate just 1 rupee to encourage entrepreneurship the country will double its wealth in a span of years.

If the amount paid by the employees is sent to the government with the motive of helping the entrepreneurs, our country will soon have more apps and ideas coming out from every corner of the country. The ideas can then be reviewed by great business leaders and more job opportunities will be provided. This will also reduce our dependence on other countries and help us become more self sufficient.

As a Digital Marketing company, we do work for a lot of entrepreneurs and give them their chance to shine.

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These were a few important points which we as a company follow for the betterment of our employees. Not only it helps each one of them balance time and work but also redefines the definition of success for them which has long lost in the field of IT and corporate sector. Our vision is to provide our employees with this lost happiness and make their life less robotic.

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