8 Tips to Make Social Media Marketing Simpler

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We all struggle to keep up with the tasks of social media marketing. Don’t we? Everyday we are searching for ways to increase our productivity. Well that’s all possible if we incorporate little changes in our work to make processes simpler, efficient and less time consuming. In this article we’ll learn about a number of tips which will help us increase productivity.

  • Keep your eyes on platforms with the highest ROI

Investing time in social media should be treated as a business activity. Thus, we must invest the most in platforms which gives us the highest ROI. If a platform is not providing you with any ROI, then you shouldn’t be wasting time there. Instead focus on platforms with stronger ROI.

You should keep an eye on your numbers and make sure that all the angles of the equation are looked at. For instance, you should recognize the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) channels along with the highest ROI.

We shall now see how it looks like when you observe it with regards to the tactical prospective. Here are some of the key points to keep in mind which might differ on the basis of your analytics and reporting.

  1. Always compare conversion rates from all across the social media channels.
  2. Once that’s done, make a comparison of channel costs and conversion rates.
  3. Then pick a social channel which has high ROI as well as conversion rates.
  4. Increase your expenditure and efforts from that very platform.

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These little changes can bring about better results.

  • Always take the help of social media management tools

It is needless to say as most people are already using them and if you aren’t, well, it’s high time you should. You can’t exactly say how much time you’re likely to save by using the tools but you’ll definitely save hours a week. There are a variety of tools for social media posting to choose from such as Socialoomph, Hootsuite and Buffer.

  • Reposts are essential

If you have had great engagements in a particular social media post, repost it again. You may think that it can annoy your audience but it probably won’t. The life of a tweet isn’t very long so you can post the same tweet once twice a month, week or day and be assured that it won’t bother your audience. Even if your posts are retweeted by others, the duration is supposed to be quite short.

You can help yourself with tools such as Edgar and Buffer to reuse and repost posts which are old. These tools help you organize contents using filters, setting up queues as well as letting your social media repurpose your posts.

  • Curate and schedule content systematically

Keep your system on social media organised and repeatable and maintain habitual ways to do it. Till the time your system is scalable and streamlined you can be the more productive you can be in lesser amount of time.

Looking for contents which you’d like to share is a good thing but attempting to do so without a system could take you hours.

It’s not about a system merely, it’s about the system you want to use. For example, you can use Chrome extensions to keep your important tasks saved just a click away. Similarly, you can use the extension of Buffer to schedule and save pieces of contents to social media.

For every aspect of social media life you can have systems. The examples are mentioned below:

  1. Feedly can be used for gathering contents.
  2. You can then set up Pocket which will help with the automatic integration with Feedly. This will help in adding articles to the curated list with a simple click.
  3. Next thing to do is to set up IFTTT to send articles automatically in Pocket and ultimately to the Buffer queue.
  4. Collect and shortlist a group of stories which will be appreciated by your audience.
  5. Go through the stories you’ve created and remove those which do not appeal to your target audience.

This is a glance of the kind of micro-organization which you can have access to in Freely. Using systems like these do require some work in the beginning but they pay you in the long run.

If you’re giving this hack a shot, be sure you search the most time saving recipes from IFTTT. You can find various kinds of methods for getting social media system in place productively as well as creatively.

IFTTT uses for Nabarunified

  • Share posts to all your accounts at once

I’m sure you must be using various social media platforms for posting contents. Hence, instead of going to every single platform and putting up the same content again and again, post it in all of your social media platforms in one click.

To do so you need use Buffer. With the tool you can share the same thing in three different platforms with upto eight separate accounts. Also, you can customize the frequency, appearance, time with the help of your social media tools.

sharing social posts

  • Engage Selectively

Engagement on social media can be very deceiving. The biggest mistake which one makes is engaging in platforms they don’t need to and waste hours a day and destroys their productivity.

To avoid that you can set up alerts on Google Alerts or Mention to give notifications on selected topics.

These tools also have curation features which helps you see only the keywords or accounts you select.

There are a number of social media contents which you can absorb or engage with. You can save yourself from a lot of hardwork if you just work smart and save huge amount of energy and time.

  • Do not forget to batch social media tasks

If you’re an owner of a small business, you’ve a whole bunch of things to do which makes you busy all day. It is so cause you need to switch between tasks all day. Thus, this takes away a lot of your valuable time.

What you can do to make the best use of your time is batching. Thus, you should consider batching the following

  1. Follow people on Twitter
  2. Save articles which needs to be posted
  3. Write post ideas
  4. Create social media images

Thus, the list is never ending, but the idea is an extremely simple one i.e., batch more to waste lesser time.

To start with batching, you first need to organize your entire day’s schedule by grouping the to-dos which are similar in nature. By enabling focus and avoiding switching, you can get through some of the most laborious tasks efficiently.

  • Outsource work

Outsourcing can be difficult but once you break down a task into smaller components and parts, it starts making sense and becomes easier to understand how it should be done.

The easiest way to outsource processes are by deciding which task needs to be outsourced. Once, that’s done, choose a platform or a person to whom it should be outsourced.

For example if you think that you’re spending more time than required for a Facebook ad, you can outsource it simply with another service like Growth Geeks. Also, you can ask a freelancer or a business directly such as Upwork. Delegation may consume your time initially but is benefiting in the long run.

outsource nabarunified work


It’s true that social media takes away a lot of our time and just when we feel we cannot be in any more platforms or compose another content, we hear someone saying us to do more while all we want to do is just run away.

We may feel at times that social media is conquering over us and is taking away all our mental energy and time but that’s not the case. It’s us who are not using the correct tools and methods. There are numerous ways to save time on social media, the real issue is to find a way out by making the right choices.

If you’re facing the same problem of sending huge amount of time social media, opt for the tips mentioned above according to your needs and you’re sure to surprise yourselves with unexplained results.

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