5 Rules for Successfully Scaling Your Marketing Operations

5 Rules for Successfully Scaling Your Marketing Operations

Marketing organisations are always under extreme pressure to perform. You do not see the budget growing much but your expectations from the business does increase over the time. Now the question is how can you do provide more with less, without having to compromise on the quality?

The motive for any marketing leader who is working in a growing company should be ready to develop their programs as well as scaling marketing operations. It may sound easy but it isn’t easy to accomplish it and one needs to combat some major challenges to do so. Some very important challenges which the team faces are managing priorities, metrics and resources. If you ignore these aspects, they may slow down your business eventually.

Bigger business does not mean they have to be slow or less effective. It is important to scale your marketing operations so that your organisation grows consistently. At the same time these organisations stay agile and lean while delivering campaigns which impresses the customers as well as fuels the business growth.

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If you need help in scaling your marketing operations effortlessly, follow these five rules

1. Make Sure your Process and Strategies are Scalable

Size doesn’t matter always. Scaling market efforts can lead to hindrance in collaboration, create needless complications or slow the team down. It is very important to plan smartly to avoid such problems and help your marketing organisation run smoothly.

Hence, before you scale up, scale back. Start with examining the current processes before you streamline and determine marketing efforts which generate positive ROI. Also, cut back what’s not doing well.

To help yourself further understand the position of scale, ask the following questions to yourself:

  • Can you answer what makes your brand stand out from its competitors in vertical key markets or the areas which you’ve targeted to expand your business in the market?
  • Can you articulate those differences with clarity?

If your can answer these questions without any difficulty you’re more likely to have a growth that’s sustainable and help it scale more successfully.

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2. Keep your Team Ready

Measure the responsibilities and the workload before you assign a task to your team. See if they are equipped enough to handle the increase in projects without putting aside the products, services and current customers.

If the marketing coordinators are supporting other departments such as customer service, PR, implementation of new marketing tools as well as analysing performance data they’re probably doing way too much. Take a step back and readdress your efforts so that the team can scale properly once again. Also, consider adding new members to the team to balance your responsibilities and workload.

The final thing you should ask yourself is if the team has enough expertise required to launch campaigns successful in places you are targeting to? If your answer is “NO”, you must look for more efficient staff. Sit back and evaluate the capabilities of your team and identify their weaknesses and strengths so that you fulfil the talent gaps.

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3. Successful Delegation Leads to Successful Scaling

According to the studies and researches of CMO Council and Deloitte, about 45% of CMOs have the opinion that reviewing, approving, campaigning and budgeting market plans consume a lot of time. 42% say that they spend more than half of the day attending meetings , 55% say that they need more time to bring about new and innovative market approaches while 66% desire to have some more time to strategize their business policies with their leaders.

You can see that it takes a lot of time to come up with good decisions which isn’t really available to many business leaders. Thus, save your time and attention for extremely important cases, also delegate when ever possible. Make sure that you have a team which is capable of making strong and effective decisions which work in favour of your business and helps you come up with unique and powerful strategies.

There are a number of marketing tasks which recur such as setting up of campaigns, planning as well as publishing content, promoting events and so on, thus, you team needs to strategize a lot around these initiatives. Some common instances are which particular channel or segment should a campaign target or which metrics should be used to track success.

To recur projects and tasks, it is very necessary to create templates. This helps in easy standardization and follow up. Setting up reporting dashboards make it easier to maintain dashboards and share results. They help you stay aligned on your priorities and keep a watch on the responsibilities of your colleagues.

The least scalable options are emails and spreadsheets. Thus, always look for a management tool which helps you grow, evaluate your options and fit your needs completely.

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4. Embrace Automation

The key factor of marketing is to send the right message at the correct time to the exact person.

But once you start elevating your marketing machine, launching complex campaigns, it keeps becoming difficult to accomplish it. Thus, to cope up with all of it, you must have your hands on the right technologies in order to help you optimize, track as well as analyse your marketing efforts.

Now, the question arises is, what can be done to scale your marketing success without losing your personalized touch which has helped you come so far and resonate so well with your customers?

This can be done with the help of marketing automation tools which let’s you send messages which are highly targeted by leads to shorten the span of marketing cycle. You can build a more nurturing relationship with your customers through the automated leads. It also helps you provide better services via, emails, social media, engagements and follow up. Automation helps in smoother workflow, reduces error as well as executes faster.

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5. That, Which Can’t be Measured, Can’t be Improved

By the recent results provided by HubSpot, only 23% of all the companies exceed in increasing their revenue goals. Now, among those companies which aren’t accomplishing their revenue goals, 74% don’t know how many monthly visits they’ve, their leads, sales opportunities or MLQs. These are some basic yet important factors which you must be aware of to grow in the marketing industry faster.

Now that you’re aware of the problem, let’s get into the solution. Firstly, keep a track on everything you need to in the business so that things become more transparent to you. Thus, take the help of metrics which help you become an organization which is customer-centric. This will help you provide the user with timely feedback and push your company forward. Secondly, find out the initiatives which help you improve and get better results, boost ROI as well as provide your sales team with mature leads.

Do not ignore basic metrics such as website traffic or lead volume as they are really important but at the same time make sure that you get into the depth of the business as they help you understand the insights of your marketing performance. Also, there are advanced marketing metrics which helps you get deeper insights which help you understand what you are lacking and what will help you fulfil that.

Also, don’t just measure your success or the final result of your campaign. Measure your efforts as well. Conclude your campaign results based on your efforts and the resources used. This will help you get a clearer vision as to how your performance was.


If you lay the right foundation, you’re bound to get better results. The success depends upon the responsiveness of your marketing team and how well it can capitalize the needs of the customer and understand the ever changing market trends. Thus, in order to stay lean you must have a productive team and a good leader but most importantly the right strategies.


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